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Ready for something different in 2014? Well, it's here, and we're ready to help you overcome your fears with fitness. Our philosophy here at Fit Underground is to train people of all ages and all fitness levels in a safe and fun environment. Not everyone has the same idea of fun...so you'll have to try us out for yourself. But what you can expect is a place to work hard, get dirty and make amazing changes to your body and your life. Our classes are designed to give you a full body workout using your own body and some simple tools...no clumsy machines. Know what tabata means? Heard about this HIIT workout? Want to start your journey with Olympic Weightlifting? Come see us.


Your Body

Your body is an amazingly powerful tool for getting fit. You'll do many different body weight exercises including pull ups, sit ups, squats, pushups and burpees.

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The Tools

You'll use kettlebells, jump ropes, truck tires and anything else we can find. There's a special emphasis on Olympic style weightlifting using barbells and plates!

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Your Diet

You can exercise all you want, but if you don't get your diet in order it will all be for nothing. We can help you get on the right track and make good decisions in the kitchen.

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New Year's Resolutions - Succeed or Fail Together!

Happy New Year!!

Let's get going...together. 

The beginning of the year brings hope for change and lots of resolve. It’s the time of year that we all are so excited to get going on our New Year Resolutions. The ball drops; you devour your last piece of dessert, drink your last glass of spiked eggnog and swear that tomorrow you are getting up early to go running. OK, walking. Let's not get over zealous. You’ll go to the store and buy all of the organic, cage free, grass fed food you can fit in your cart. But when you wake up you are tired and your enthusiasm has slightly shifted. You are still very serious about getting in shape, but the thought is overwhelming.

Then February hits. Didn’t even make it to February? You’re not alone. Dealing with unfulfilled resolutions is as much a part of helping people succeed as teaching them the correct way to squat. What happens in your mind is as important, even more important, than what happens in your body. So, how do you dig out of that?

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